Eee PC using Maxon BP3-EXT

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No Active Test

The package name has changed to eee-bpw and there are no current needs for testing. The old beta test information is included below for history.


Beta Testers Wanted

A new version of the package is available: eee-maxon-bp3_1.3_i386.deb

Version 1.3 nearly fixes bug #661 where the DNS servers would not be identified, which was caused by not waiting for self-powered modems to connect to the radio network, and also bug #733 where an upgrade would disconnect the network connection via the modem.

Version 1.2 fixes bug #212 where some modems take up to five seconds to respond when plugged in.

Version 1.1 fixes bp3config on Ubuntu based distributions, adds a debug mode, and aborts if there is no USIM.

The ChangeLog file in the source repository contains technical details of the changes made.

The new version isn't yet fully tested, I'd like some people to try it out and mail me how it goes. If it breaks, downgrade to the older version.

There are known bugs yet to be fixed:

The TODO file in the source repository should contain the latest feature list.

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