Vanilla Server, gum 0.2

gum 0.2 screen shots

Images captured using xv from gum 0.2, showing the parameter layout. There is a menu bar and a notebook widget that contains a page for each class of server parameter.

Much of gum was created using Glade, a GTK+ GUI creation tool. The widget toolkit used was GTK+, as used by GIMP.

listener.png shows the listener page, for maintaining .ports file, monitoring connection statistics, and controlling the newstartd process.

status.png, style.png, cluecheck.png, messaging.png, galaxy.png, basepractice.png, hockey.png, inl.png, dogfight.png, chaos.png, show the other pages of the notebook that provide the .sysdef options that the Vanilla server supports.

about.png shows a simple dialog box triggered from the Help - About menu. Error messages are displayed using the same layout.