Quozl's Open Source Work

Technical Aid to the Disabled Projects

Quozl works as a technical volunteer for Custom Designed Aids (CDA) within Technical Aid to the Disabled (TAD). TAD constructs devices for people with disabilities to make their life easier. TAD is a registered charity (CFN 10944) and voluntary organisation. Quozl's membership ID is P5497.

Quozl was involved in several projects, often with the aid of other volunteers. PIC Microcontrollers were used in many of the projects to reduce cost and complexity of the design. Documentation and many pictures for some of the projects are here.

Projects 2000

Projects 1999

Projects 1998

The Linux operating system was used during development of these projects. xcircuit was used for schematic diagrams, emacs was used for source code editing, CVS was used for revision control, gpasm for assembly of the PIC code, gpsim for simulation testing, and picprg for programming the chips. Some of the photographs here have been processed with GIMP.

Quozl has contributed changes to gpasm for the PIC 12C509 processor, and these have been integrated into the gpasm source code.

Quozl has adjusted the GNU Emacs asm-mode.el to provide syntax colour highlighting for PIC assembly source.

7th July 1999, quozl@us.netrek.org