Light Box

Project for Technical Aid for the Disabled.

Electronics by James Cameron
Case by another volunteer.

Side view, showing feet

Power supply

Top view, cover open

Circuit board

Circuit board, showing connections


Wiring layout

Schematic (AX2)

(Note that this is before I learned how to use PIC microcontrollers!)

Update, July 1999

The unit had been working flawlessly for over a year in a school in Sydney, when one of the flourescent lamps failed and the protective fuse on the PCB blew. Examination of the unit showed damage to the inverter transformer on the lamp driving PCB (not my bit). The remainder of the design still works, so the fuse protection was successful.

The volunteer (Barry Lees) doing the repair will be replacing the flourescent lamp fittings with 21W incandescent lamps, with vents.