Quozl's PIC 16F877 Uptime

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A program for a PIC 16F877 microcontroller with a 2x16 line LCD panel that shows the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds since reset.

The program continues the work on the FSR data stack architecture, providing functions for LCD panel, vectored execution and base conversion and then placing them into a working example.

Program Outline

Design Goals

Program Source


This project was built on a Dontronics DT106A PCB, using a PIC 16F877 and a 4MHz crystal. I didn't make a schematic diagram, but worked to Don's schematic. If you wish to recreate this device, see Don's page for the DT106, at http://dontronics.com/dt106.html, he has schematics and assembly instructions. I made no significant modifications to his hardware.

Change Log

2002-04-17Add hardware section due to popular demand.
2001-03-05Initial page.

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