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Quozl works in outback Australia as a firmware and test engineer for a non-profit in Miami that makes laptops for children, and for a telescope as a night assistant and operations technician. When he's not doing that, he writes programs and makes electronic devices, and a few other things.

This site is where he publishes the stuff. Each item is given colour-coded categories of interest that may help you to find related items. It was never intended to be a blog, though it may look like one. It even has an RSS feed:

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Hector Spectrograph

Quozl was a telescope night assistant during the recent commissioning of the new Hector multi-integral field instrument and spectrograph. A really busy team of scientists and engineers working together to make research happen. It was fun watching them work. Inputs included tea, coffee, muffins, tim-tams, pavlova, and occasional sleep. Outputs were C++, Python, electronics, and data.
(9 December 2021)

Netrek - Vanilla 2.19.0 released

C Programming X-Windows Programming Network Programming
New version of the Netrek Vanilla Server, with many changes.

(6 December 2016)

Embedded.fm on Forth

Forth Programming Electronics
Quozl was interviewed on embedded.fm about the Forth language:

(20 October 2016)

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