Eee PC using BigPond Wireless

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Thanks to encouragement from Adam, here is how to install the software using a USB key instead of direct internet access from the laptop.

  1. on the computer with internet, go to my package repository and download the latest eee-bpw .deb file, that is the one with the highest version, and save it onto a USB key,

  2. insert the USB key into the Eee PC and copy the file to the /tmp directory,

  3. open the xterm program by typing Ctrl/Alt/T, (or if you are using the Advanced Desktop mode, type Alt/F2, then konsole and press Enter),

  4. install the package, by typing
    sudo dpkg --install /tmp/eee-bpw_1.5_i386.deb
    (you can probably just hit TAB after eee and it will automatically complete the file name)
    ... there will be a delay as the package is installed,

  5. then work from step "f" of the instructions on the previous page, to complete the installation of the software, and get connected.

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